About us

Ellendy Press is run by husband and wife Lyn Davies and Dara O’Hare.

Lyn’s interest in typography began with calligraphy, a study of Edward Johnston and his design of the London Underground typeface. While at art college, Lyn spent his spare time working in the letter-cutting workshop of David Holgate, learning how to draw and cut letters in stone. This period was followed by a job with Cambridge University Press where, sadly, he fell amongst hardened typographers. See more of Lyn’s work here.

Curiosity about how words work led Dara to study modern languages at university in Ireland and Germany before moving to England to do a master’s in comparative literature. After starting her publishing career in London, she too ended up at Cambridge University Press, marketing the literature lists and trying to avoid Lyn as much as possible. From there, she moved on to careers in the arts and academia. Read more about Dara here.